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Derformulator gets a little easier this week with a five-ingredient proprietary blend

Deformulator 1 8

The first week of our supplement quiz game Deformulator was met with huge success, where we saw 100s of individuals test their skills and try to correctly deformulate the fictional pre-workout facts panel we put together. Interestingly, we had just under 40 people with a complete pass, meaning they were able to enter the correct dosages that were in the proprietary blend based on the few little details provided and multiple-choice answers, so it was definitely a challenging one right out of the gate.

This week’s edition of Deformulator is live now over at, and we have made things a little easier. It was interesting seeing how difficult the breakdown was for some, as well as the time constraint, so along with the tweaks we made last week, we’re going with a simpler blend this time around that has common pre-workout ingredients at full dosages. The prize we have up for grabs this week is the same as last week with a $100 gift card to spend at the reliable retailer Tiger Fitness.

Deformulator Correct 0101

We’ve got the correct answers for last week’s Deformulator facts panel directly above, and again, we had several hundred individuals get involved, but only a little below 40 got it 100% right. We’ll be drawing the lucky winner from that group of successful deformulators this Wednesday and reaching out via email with details. Be sure to head over to and get involved in this week’s competition, which as mentioned, is not as difficult as last week and will be fun to see how quickly everyone gets it.

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