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Play our all-new weekly game Deformulator and win some supplements

Deformulator Official Launch

Right on the first day of the New Year, we are officially launching our interactive supplement game, Deformulator, after running it for a couple of days as a sort of soft launch over the weekend to find any problems, bugs, and potential improvements. Deformulator is a simple game at heart, where we’ve put together a fictional non-transparent facts panel, and based on the information and multiple choice answers provided, we want you to try and figure out what the dosages of each of the ingredients are.

The game does require a bit of sports nutrition know-how, such as the rule of blends listing ingredients from heaviest to lightest, and knowledge of proper dosages will help. Our first facts panel hasn’t got any ridiculous amounts like 10mg of citrulline or 5g of alpha-GPC; we’ve kept it all reasonable. It’s a great way to communicate what non-transparent, proprietary blends are all about, the sorts of dosages you should be looking for in these types of supplements, and what sorts of things they can hide.

To try your hand at Deformulator and see if you can get all of the dosages correct, head to Individuals have five chances to figure it out; each turn must be taken at least 24 hours apart; and you are shown your results after every completion. Basically, you can give it a go today, and if you don’t pass, you can come back a day later, up to five times in the week, and once you get it right, you can end there as no matter how many times you submit everything correctly, you get a maximum of one entry.

Every week, the facts panel will be different, and so will the prize. Everyone that gets all of the dosages correct in Deformulator and successfully deformulates the fictional supplement will go in the draw for an ever-changing prize, of course, involving supplements. This week it is a $100 gift card to Tiger Fitness, a retailer that ships all around the world, which is convenient as the game is open to everyone. You can expect things to get challenging as we’ve kept the first Deformulator puzzle rather straightforward but will mix things up with facts panels for various categories, multiple blends, and other technicalities.

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