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Deformulator January 15th: Complexity returns with a few twists and tricks

Deformulator Week Jan 15trh

Our weekly Deformulator supplement game is back for another week, and while the goal was to make things a little easier since the first round proved quite difficult for most, it seems we made it far too easy. A lot of individuals did not need more than a couple of retakes, despite players getting a maximum of five, each entry needing to be done 24 hours apart. This time around, it was almost a race, as a lot of participants figured it all out in under a minute, and a handful clocked in well under 20 or 30 seconds.

For the third week of Deformulator, we are once again giving away a $100 gift card to spend at Tiger Fitness, which the randomly selected winner from last week’s competition will be receiving within the next couple of days. As for the fictional facts panel we’ve put together, we’ve stepped things up as we feel the difficult part was people needing to learn the ins and outs of the game, and now that seems to be a bit clearer, plus showing the right and wrong answers at the end of attempts does seem to have helped.

The blend we want players to deformulate is another pre-workout, although we’ve put a couple of tricky points to slow people down or, at the very least, force people to use more or potentially all of their retakes to earn an entry into the giveaway for that main prize. As always, to play the game and take part, all you need to do is visit, enter your details, and give it a try; also if you have any comments, questions, or feedback, feel free to shoot it over, as we’re always looking to improve the feature.

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