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CNP brings the cookie dough flavor of Isolate to its six-month-old protein bar

Dough Lightful Prodough Protein Bar

Legacy sports nutrition player CNP launched an all-new bar-format snack last year in the ProDough Protein Bar, packing 17g of protein a piece, under 3g of that sugar, between 200 and 220 calories, and in three delicious flavors, all with a gooey center. The menu the brand crafted for the product was an intriguing one, with each of the options themed around a familiar and delicious food in The Jammy One offering a Jammy biscuit-like experience, Biscoff-inspired The Biscuit One, and The Glazed One, based on a classic sprinkle doughnut.

Starting 2024 for CNP is the fourth flavor of the ProDough Protein Bar; although unlike the original three, this one doesn’t feature a pink wrapper and is named the same as a flavor that’s already available for its premium whey isolate-powered protein powder, CNP Isolate. The extension is a Dough Lightful ProDough Protein Bar, a cookie dough taste, rolling out to stores and distributors in the UK this month and packing the product’s usual nutrition profile of 17g of protein, 22g of carbohydrates, 2.5g of that sugar, 5.5g of fat, and 213 calories.