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HTLT says it has authentic turkesterone all the way from the mountains of Uzbekistan

Htlt Authentic Turk Builder

Quickly following the drama of Nutrition Depot testing some turkesterone supplements about a year and a half ago, Greg Doucette’s brand HTLT changed the name of its turkesterone product from Turk Builder to Ecdy Builder. The issue was some products claimed to have 10% turkesterone from ajuga turkestanica, but upon in-depth testing, it was discovered they were closer to 10% total ecdysteroids with a small amount of that turkesterone. As HTLT pointed out at the time, it always had just 10% on its facts panel of Turk Builder, not specifying 10% turkesterone exclusively.

With all of that behind us and sports nutrition brands not launching muscle-building turkesterone supplements anywhere near as quickly as they were before that whole situation, HTLT has come out with an all-new product utilizing that original Ecdy Builder name of Turk Builder. Since everything went down, Greg Doucette and HTLT have apparently been on a hunt to find a complete turkesterone source — not just a good source of ecdysteroids with a touch of turkesterone — and it has indeed found it coming all the way from the distant mountains of Uzbekistan way out in Central Asia.

HTLT has gone and done the testing with results showing that it does indeed have that solid turkesterone source on its hands in the return of Turk Builder. The facts panel appears to list ajuga turkestanica or Uzbekistan ajuga turkestanica with turkesterone standardized to 45mg, another 45mg of 20-hydroxyecdysone, and 18mg of what’s written as other ecdysterones. HTLT has added a bit more to its turkesterone-backed Turk Builder, also putting in 30mg of black pepper and 150mg of Capsorb to ramp up absorption and help get more out of the key ingredients.

After all this time, it’s good to see Greg Doucette and HTLT hunt down what they’ve stamped as authentic turkesterone, coming back around and dropping a more genuine replacement after the situation involving the original Turk Builder transformed into Ecdy Builder. There is a huge difference in price, where you’ll pay $59.99 for a bottle of 13 maximum servings of the new muscle-building Turk Builder, versus Ecdy Builder at $39.99 for a bottle of 60 servings, although Turk Builder has already sold out since making its highly-anticipated return yesterday evening.

Htlt Turk Builder Label

There is something we want to mention about the Turk Builder label on HTLT’s website, as it has a facts panel that doesn’t list the source but outlines the amounts of turkesterone, 20-hydroxyecdysone, and other ecdysterones you’re expected to get per serving. That is not something we’ve seen on a supplement before, but on closer inspection of the bottle render, as mentioned above, it does look like it has ajuga turkestanica on the back of the product itself, then reads the standardization of turkesterone and so on, as we typically see with extracts like this.