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Polarity hits the market with three products and is exclusively for mom-and-pop stores

Introducing Polarity Supplements

Polarity is a fresh new sports nutrition company that is starting its journey in the business with three supplements, all of them belonging to popular, mainstream categories, making it easy to give them a try and throw them into your monthly stack. We always like to judge a brand by its pre-workout, and the newcomer does indeed have one with Two Faced. Polarity certainly isn’t playing around, rolling together a pretty hefty combination of ingredients and dosages for a comprehensive pre-workout experience.

We’ve got the facts panel for Polarity’s Two Faced pre-workout below, and as you can see, despite being new to the industry, it has an advanced and thorough formula. The product takes care of pumps and performance with reliable dosages of citrulline, beta-alanine, and betaine. Then, for a much more supported and intense energy and focus side, you get 300mg of alpha-GPC, another 300mg of lion’s mane, theobromine, hard-hitting alpha yohimbine at 1mg, and a combined 400mg of caffeine.

Polarity Supplements Two Faced Label

The other two supplements Polarity has available are the fat burner Magic Pill, also featuring a complex formula, like the Two Faced pre-workout, and the third and final item, which is significantly more straightforward with an unflavored, standalone creatine monohydrate powder.

Polarity has an interesting approach to expansion and distribution, as it is specifically selling its currently small collection of sports nutrition products to select retailers. The brand has decided to make its supplements mom-and-pop exclusive, so basically only available to small and moderate brick-and-mortar retailers. You will be able to find Polarity’s Two Faced, Magic Pill and Creatine online, but no dedicated online store, just those mom-and-pop businesses that have a physical store and service customers digitally.

As mentioned, Polarity is a young supplement company and has only begun to make its way into the world of sports nutrition. You can find out more about the newcomer and its three products through its own website at, where you can also purchase Two Faced at $49.99, Magic Pill for slightly lower at $44.99, and an appropriate $24.99 for the basic Creatine. That is the one instance where you can get Polarity without an accompanying physical store, but certainly look forward to seeing this one grow.