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Innovative LoCCo makes hot cocoa with just 18 calories and functional varieties

Locco 18 Calorie Cocoa

LoCCo in Poland is known for an incredibly unique selection of functional foods, and equally interestingly, the products it makes are all named after their primary purpose, which is providing better-for-you alternatives to familiar foods and snacks. Some examples of that include 8 Calorie Spread in close to ten different flavors and only having eight calories a serving and the sweet and soft 48 Calorie Meringues, indeed with 48 calories in an entire box, and joining that family this month is 18 Calorie Cocoa.

In typical LoCCo style, 18 Calorie Cocoa has that title mentioned calorie count per serving, and as for the format, it is right in the name with hot cocoa. The product comes in powder format and you make it like you would traditional hot cocoa by throwing it in a cup with hot water and milk, and it dissolves into a delicious low-calorie beverage. In an interesting twist, the company gets really creative in the different options available for 18 Calorie Cocoa, as they’re not alternative flavors as you’d expect.

Locco 18 Calorie Cocoa

Alongside the regular chocolate-flavored 18 Calorie Cocoa, LoCCo has a Good Morning version with added gurana and caffeine for an uplifting boost in energy, and a Good Night edition with 285mg of ashwagandha. No matter which version you grab, whether it be the standard, Good Morning, or Good Night variant, they all stick to the better-for-you nutrition with 3.6g of carbohydrates a serving, only 100mg of that is sugar, around half a gram of fat and protein, and as per the title, 18 calories.

LoCCo has done a great job building out its selection of products, and 18 Calorie Cocoa keeps with its theme of turning familiar foods and items into better-for-you items, although the functional twist of added caffeine and ashwagandha is almost a cherry on top. All of the versions are out and available in the brand’s home country of Poland, with Smart Foodies being one of the easier places to go to get it, and it sells bags of 22 servings costing €8.77 for the regular and €9.74 for the functional editions.