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Blueberry and Double Chocolate double the menu of Magic Spoon’s high-protein Treats

Magic Spoon Treats Double Chocolate

Protein cereal specialist Magic Spoon recently got back into the world of protein bars, or bar-shaped protein snacks by way of Magic Spoon Treats. It is a Rice Krispies style product, featuring a main body of crispy and crunchy pieces, topped with solid squiggles that vary in taste between the two original flavors of Marshmallow and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Magic Spoon brought that functional food to market about three months ago and here in the first month of the year, it is doubling the amount of options it has available.

Magic Spoon Treats is no longer a two-flavor protein bar; it has four to choose from beginning this week, with the two extensions continuing that same Rice Krispies style build and providing a similar, protein-heightened nutrition profile. Joining the original Marshmallow and Chocolate Peanut Butter is a sweet Blueberry and something for chocolate lovers in Double Chocolate. They have 11 to 12g of protein a piece primarily from casein, 6g of fat, 2g of net carbohydrates thanks to the use of allulose, and 130 to 140 calories.

Magic Spoon has already got its new Blueberry and Double Chocolate Magic Spoon Treats up on its website and available for purchase at $39 for a pack of four boxes, and with four protein bars in each, that works out to a total of 16 pieces. Thankfully the brand gives you the chance to try a variety, not necessarily making all 16 one flavor. You can grab four boxes of the same taste as well as a bundle of one of each of the four flavors, or half and half of the new Blueberry and Double Chocolate, all for the same $39.

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