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Bang Energy Drink looking to rebuild its presence and availability across the year

Monster Rebuilding Bang Energy Distribution

The energy drink giant Monster Beverage Corporation acquired Bang Energy last year following its bankruptcy filing, purchasing the disruptive brand, its signature beverage, and plenty of stock for $362 million. Over the last year or so, Bang did lose some of its distribution, where retail partners simply stopped carrying the product. As we begin 2024, the new owner of Bang Energy, Monster, is looking to build that presence back up and regain some of that market share Bang Energy and its colorful flavors once had.

Monster does have energy drinks with a similar purpose to Bang Energy, including Reign Total Body Fuel, which also has 300mg of caffeine, as well as coQ10 and BCAAs, although it is most definitely presented and marketed in a very different fashion. With Bang Energy and Reign under the same roof, that roof being Monster Beverage Corporation, we were curious what the approach would be with the brands. It seems both are being driven in 2024, as mentioned, with effort going into rebuilding Bang’s distribution, as Monster believes with more reliable availability, it can draw back those that may have moved onto a different product.

Fans of the Bang Energy Drink, new and old, can simply expect to see the creatively flavored beverage on more shelves throughout 2024, especially with the mammoth distribution power of Monster Beverage Corporation. We won’t be getting the variety of offerings Bang has had in years past, which is something Monster touched on last year, saying it would be trimming down the catalog, but the star Bang Energy Drink will still be out in full force and with many of its memorable flavors like Rainbow Unicorn and Radical Skadattle.

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