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Enfinity specifically exclusive to Muscletech and its line of sports nutrition supplements

Muscletech Enfinity Exclusivity

When Muscletech announced its latest two supplements, the pre-workout EuphoriQ and fat burner Burn iQ, it mentioned a very interesting detail regarding the star ingredient in the products. Both EuphoriQ and Burn iQ feature the all-new stimulant Enfinity, a branded version of paraxanthine, which is one of the three, and primary metabolites of the energizing caffeine.

Muscletech’s vice president of scientific affairs, Raza Bashir, describes the experience of Enfinity paraxanthine as “all of the benefits of caffeine without the backlash.” The brand doses Enfinity at 300mg in EuphoriQ and Burn iQ, a common amount of caffeine by itself. As for the important detail we mentioned, for the foreseeable future, Enfinity is exclusive to Muscletech.

It was confirmed that you wouldn’t see Enfinity paraxanthine anywhere else, although, more importantly, this is not exclusivity to Iovate, as some might have speculated. Iovate is the parent company of Muscletech, and it has several other brands under its umbrella, including the likes of Hydroxycut, Six Star, and even the still reasonably new gaming line XP Sports.

Muscletech has confirmed that Enfinity paraxanthine will indeed only be found in its supplements, which makes that exclusivity even more so. Enfinity is certainly an intriguing and exciting innovation, and it has certainly brought a lot of attention to the brand, with more of that coming as it sounds as though other Enfinity-powered Muscletech products are in the pipeline.