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Abbott debuts Protality and its vitamin and mineral-reinforced Nutrition Shake

Protality Nutrition Shake From Abbott

Abbott was the corporation behind the discontinued sports nutrition brand EAS, known extensively well for its MyoPlex meal replacement shakes. EAS was eventually picked up by the team at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, and it has essentially resurrected it, putting a lot of its signature supplements back on shelves, including the powder format MyoPlex. Abbott is a beast of a company that has a mountain of other things under its umbrella, including a newly released nutrition line by the name of Protality.

Abbott’s Protality, proudly featuring the tagline “From the makers of Ensure”, has debuted with the Protality Nutrition Shake. It is a ready-to-drink protein or nutrition shake, as the title says, that features plenty of protein per bottle at 30g from milk concentrate and calcium caseinate, alongside a reasonable 6 to 7g of carbohydrates, only a gram of that sugar, 1.5 to 2g of fat, and 150 calories in a 330ml carton.

Protality Nutrition Shake From Abbott Label

The Protality Nutrition Shake goes the extra mile and genuinely makes it a complete nutrition drink by adding a host of vitamins and minerals to the formula, along the same lines, in fact, as that original MyoPlex RTD under EAS. The product does offer a pretty interesting description on its packaging, saying it’s designed for “nutritional support during weight loss”, as it very much works as a light meal replacement, but with the macros it has, it could also be utilized as a lean on-the-go protein shake.

Abbott’s Protality Nutrition Shake is rolling out in two traditional flavors, the most common options for a protein product in Milk Chocolate and Vanilla, and they’re rolling into a couple of major retail partners for convenient and reliable ordering. Walmart is one of the places that’ll be carrying the protein RTD in packs of four at $11.98, or if you prefer to shop online, the giant Amazon already has Protality and its beverage in stock and available but in cases of a dozen not packs of four, at a similar price point of $37.41.