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Real Good brings its innovative protein breading concept to fish fillets and fish sticks

Real Good Foods Fish Sticks And Fillets

Real Good Foods is a different breed of functional food company, as it makes protein snacks and healthy foods that are closer to traditional microwaveable, heat-and-eat meals than your typical protein bars and other common formats. The brand built its name on its original protein-loaded pizza, which had a base made entirely out of chicken breast, but it has come a long way since then, introducing a host of innovative ways to get clean and convenient, high protein nutrition in and out of every day.

One of Real Good Foods’ more recent, interesting, and impressive creations has been its breaded chicken or chicken bites. The functional powerhouse that can be found at the likes of Target and Walmart came up with a way to make chicken nuggets and strips a much leaner food by breading them in whey protein and chickpea flour. The result is a growing menu of chicken bites and pieces packing 23g of protein next to 3g of net carbohydrates, and now Real Good Foods has brought that approach to seafood.

Real Good Foods has introduced Breaded Fish Fillets and Fish Sticks, made with wild-caught, whole pollock fillets and covered in a similar sort of breading as the chicken with a mix of chickpea flour and egg. The result is a pair of foods that many people will be familiar with in fish fillets and fish sticks, although the macros are unlike anything you’ve seen. The thinner Real Good Foods’ Fish Sticks have 21g of protein a serving, while the Fish Fillets have 20g, and both have a supremely low 4g of net carbohydrates.

As mentioned, Real Good Foods has simply brought that better-for-you breading concept used in its chicken bites — available in a range of flavors — to the world of seafood and has made just as much noise, if not more. The light and crispy products add even more innovation to the functional, better-for-you lineup the brand has on offer, and you can get your hands on either or both of them from the supermarket giant Publix, with presumably other retailers and stockists coming on board later down the road.