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Prime makes three special edition bottles for those at the top of its Fortnite leaderboard

Red Vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks

The beverage giant Prime from Logan Paul and KSI started the year with an interesting sort of partnership or project involving the hugely successful, global hit video game Fortnite. The team put together an official Prime map for Fortnite featuring a classic red versus blue battle format, and, of course, it is filled with Logan Paul and KSI, as well as Prime’s logo and bottles of Prime Hydration. Anyone can play by using the Fortnite map code 5884-5358-0228, and it turns out there is a bit more to it, specifically a reward.

Logan Paul has shared images of three special edition bottles of Prime’s signature beverage, the electrolyte-filled and low-calorie Prime Hydration Drink. They all have similar titles right where the flavor name is usually, with two of the three reading “Red vs. Blue” and the other one saying “Blue vs. Red.” That is indeed a representation of the red versus blue format of Prime’s custom Fortnite map, although that doesn’t say anything about the flavor you get on the inside if it’s completely new or an already available one.

If you’re wondering how you get your hands on these, the few words that have been shared about the special edition Red vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks is that they’re specifically for people at the top of the leaderboard. As mentioned, it appears Logan Paul, KSI, and Prime are rewarding those who play its Fortnite map, accessed with code 5884-5358-0228. The brand has not said these will be available any other way, making them some of the rarest editions the brand has done and a must-have for collectors.