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Suga Sean gets his own Cotton Candy flavor of RYSE’s popular energy drink

Sugar Sean Cotton Candy Ryse Fuel

The last new flavor we saw from RYSE for its popular RYSE Fuel Energy Drink was Sour Punch Blue Raspberry, an authentic collaboration put together with the Sour Punch candy itself. RYSE is back this month with news of two new tastes for its beverage that are right around the corner, and both of them are collaborations. One of the two is actually another outing with Sour Punch, marking the second time RYSE has teamed up with the sour candy company and turned one of its candies into an energy drink.

The first of the two extensions from RYSE is a Sour Punch Green Apple RYSE Fuel Energy Drink, pairing the tartness of sour candy with crisp green apple and the beverage’s usual formula featuring 500mg each of taurine and choline bitartrate, and 200mg of caffeine. The other half of the flavors from the sports nutrition giant is a Suga Sean’s Cotton Candy RYSE Fuel Energy Drink, created in partnership with the brand’s star athlete Sean O’Malley, who, at the time of signing, we said could eventually get his own flavor.

Both the Sour Punch Green Apple and Suga Sean’s Cotton Candy RYSE Fuel Energy Drinks are expected to be launching soon with no specific date or timeframe that we’ve seen. There hasn’t been any mention of exclusivity, so fans can expect to see them in all of the places the beverage is sold, from convenience store chains to specialty supplement stores like The Vitamin Shoppe.