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Hydra-Plenish is getting an actual menu with two new tastes arriving this week

Twp Nutrition Hydra Plenish

Hydra-Plenish is TWP Nutrition’s answer to the now ridiculously popular hydration space, and it’s a respectable competitor with a blend of ingredients dedicated entirely to supporting and improving hydration, endurance, and recovery. The one catch at the moment is the supplement is only available in the one flavor albeit a refreshing one with Mango Passionfruit, although sometime this week; that is no longer going to be the case; in fact, the brand has really dug deep and is tripling the size of its menu.

TWP Nutrition has announced it is launching two more tastes for Hydra-Plenish, adding to the lonely Mango Passionfruit with the equally fruity and refreshing flavor creations, Watermelon Crush and the classic two-part recipe Strawberry Kiwi. The extensions will be available first directly through the UK brand’s website and pack all of Hydra-Plenish’s usual highlights of 2g of CocoMineral coconut water, 1.5g of taurine, and an electrolyte breakdown of a gram of potassium, 200mg of calcium, and 93mg of magnesium.

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