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V1tal Health coming soon from V1 Nutra and featuring a 5-in-1 formula

V1 Nutra V1tal Health

Things are heating up for the team at V1 Nutra, recently announcing the return of its more stimulant-focused pre-workout V1X Prodigy and a preview of its upcoming V1 Energy Drink, and that is just the beginning. The fast-growing brand has plenty of other exciting projects up its sleeve, including the multi-benefit V1tal Health, which will be one of its first products in that health and wellness area. While it is a single item, V1 Nutra has designed it to carry the responsibility of about five separate supplements.

V1 Nutra’s V1tal Health is a five-in-one formula; the only downside at the moment is we have no idea what any of those areas, benefits, or effects will be. We’re guessing it’ll have a multivitamin base, as that is generally the core of a health and wellness-style stack. Then, alongside all of that, you may get other common areas like omega-3s, joint support, organ health, superfoods, and the list could go on. As mentioned, it is listed as a five-in-one, so at the very least, you’ll be getting a comprehensive formula.

No matter which way you look at it, V1tal Health will be something fans of V1 Nutra can seamlessly add to their supplement stacks, and more importantly, if they’re buying a multivitamin somewhere else, they’ll be able to drop that and grab it alongside their preferred products from the brand. There is no launch timeframe yet for V1tal Health, similar to V1X Prodigy and the promising V1 Energy Drink, but when we have more details, we’ll be sure to post them up here, including the complete reveal of its formula.