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Highly-anticipated Ghost Hydration Drink begins rolling out and hits GNC at $29.99 a case

Where To Buy The Ghost Hydration Drink

The long-awaited and certainly highly-anticipated Ghost Hydration Drink has finally made its way to market, as promised, right at the close of the first month of the year. The beverage steps things up on the formula side with a strong blend of electrolytes, including premium Aquamin marine-source minerals, and proven performance-powering Senactiv. The award-winning brand also knocks it out of the park in the flavor department, putting together some genuinely on-point options, our favorites being Orange Squeeze and Kiwi Strawberry.

One of the first places stocking the promising and disruptive Ghost Hydration Drink is none other than GNC, which not only has the beverage in its many different locations spread across the country but also online, where you can have cases of the sports drink delivered right to your home. If you head over to, you can purchase a pack of 12 bottles of the Ghost Hydration Drink at $29.99, the exact same price as a case of the Ghost Energy Drink, working out to $2.50 a piece, with all four of its great-tasting flavors to choose from.