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Creative company WheyHey brings its protein-packed touch to ice cream on a stick

Wheyhey Power Protein Ice Cream Sticks

The functional food specialist WheyHey in the UK has expanded its offering in its home country, introducing another protein-packed product that isn’t your usual protein bar, cookie, or even a protein shake; in fact, it’s far from that. A few months ago, WheyHey released Protein Power Yogurt, packing a respectable 22g of protein a pot, with 6g or less of carbohydrates, around 3g of sugar, and 1.5g of fat, available in Strawberry, Blueberry, and Caramel flavors, and clearly showing the range the brand brings to the industry.

The latest functional innovation from WheyHey is a familiar food but a bit more on the dessert side of life with Power Protein Ice Cream Sticks. The product is indeed delicious, creamy, and high-protein ice cream on a stick in two classic mouthwatering flavors with Mint Chocolate and Salted Caramel. Of course, we have the macros to share, and they are pretty impressive for the format, with 5g of protein in a 60g treat, just under 6g of carbohydrates with about 2g of that sugar, 4 to 4.6g of fat, and sub-100 calories at 87 to 89.

Considering the calories land a little less than 90 and you get 5g of protein with only 2g of sugar, WheyHey has certainly delivered everywhere it can on paper. The most important point left to uncover, of course, is how good is the taste of the Power Protein Ice Cream Sticks; although, knowing the brand, they’re most likely as good as they look. You can find the protein-filled frozen dessert over at the major UK supermarket Iceland, where you’ll find the snack in boxes of three, costing a very reasonable £3.50 (4.42 USD).

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