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Yuzu Rosemary arriving later this year for Nalu’s unique botanical flavor series

Yuzu Rosemary Nalu Energy Drink

Another one of Monster Beverage Corporation’s international energy drink brands, Nalu, has shared details of a new flavor coming to market sometime this year, featuring that Red Bull-level of caffeine at 80mg in a short and slim 250ml can, and it keeps the nutrition moderate at 50 calories. Another key part of Nalu and its selection of beverages is flavors, and it has a nice variety, including series with different approaches, including the special edition Botanical Lemonade Series introduced around the middle of last year.

Nalu’s Botanical Lemonade family is a set of flavors offering, of course, a more botanically-themed taste experience, with Cassis Lavender and Strawberry Rhubarb. The all-new flavor announced by the energy drink brand is specifically for that series, and it continues the botanical angle with Yuzu Rosemary, pairing a touch of rosemary with the citrusy yuzu. Again, the flavor extension appears to be making its way to market in Europe, where Nalu has a strong presence, later this year, with that same 80mg of caffeine and 50 calories.

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