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Chocolate and banana blend together in the latest flavor of Wispy’s protein bar

Banana Split Wispy Protein Bar

House brand Wispy Nutrition from the Danish retailer Muscle House has a new flavor for fans to try this month for one of its few different products. From its small but growing catalog of protein powder, protein bar, low-calorie sauce, and standalone creatine, it is the edible offering, the Wispy Protein Bar getting the attention. The snack that already comes in Creamy Caramel, Milky Dream, Nutty Caramel, Coconut Dream, and Toffee Caramel, has landed itself something with a sweet touch of fruit this week but still a bit on the dessert side.

Muscle House and Wispy Nutrition’s latest drop is a Banana Split flavor of the Wispy Protein Bar, featuring a great-looking creamy banana and chocolate center, smothered in crispy protein-packed pieces and all wrapped in a decadent milk chocolate coat. The nutrition profile of Banana Split is right around those other options mentioned above, with 18g of protein, 19g of carbohydrates, well under 2g of sugar, 6g of fat, and 215 calories. You can, of course, grab the flavor extension straight from Muscle House, where it is specifically discounted lower than the rest of the Wispy Protein Bar’s menu to 169 DKK (24.67 USD) for a box of 10.