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Spain’s creative company Big makes a family of flavors themed around miniature donuts

Big Minidona Series

Spanish brand Big has pumped out plenty of special edition collaborations, similar to the likes of Ghost, Be Legend in Japan, and the international giant Myprotein, although it’s made things interesting by partnering with familiar foods and companies from its local market. That has included authentic flavors involving Conguitos, the iconic chocolate company Chocolat, and the candy brand Kojak, which has spawned several flavor creations inspired by its extensive catalog of popular sweets and treats.

Here in the second month of the year, Spain’s Big has surprised with a whole new line of flavors, all of them for its protein powders, and while the family has not been put together in partnership with anyone, it is themed around a very well-known, mainstream food. Big has revealed and released the Minidona Series, a collection of four miniature donut-style tastes with a chocolate mini donut or Minidona and White Chocolate Minidona, for the concentrate-backed Only Whey and the whey isolate, CFM ISO Zero.

Big has given all four of those products the full flavor series treatment, covering them in their own alternative label design filled with mouthwatering miniature donuts. They are indeed intended to taste like chocolate and white chocolate donuts but still fulfill the role of a protein powder, giving you a clean, quality, and reliable source of protein. They are all live at and will likely be hitting the brand’s retail partners shortly exclusively in each supplement’s 1kg size, not their larger 2kg offering.