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Big gets together with Conguitos for authentic dark and white chocolate protein bars

Big X Conguitos Protein Bar

Spain’s well-established Big has partnered with the legacy candy brand Conguitos for authentic flavors of some of its protein powder, putting actual miniature Conguitos pieces in the powder of the supplement itself. For those not familiar with the treat, Conguitos are pretty straightforward, with peanuts covered in decadent dark chocolate and, on occasions, white chocolate. This month, Big has teamed up with that same candy, although for a very different sort of product that is still high in protein but not necessarily drinkable.

Big and Conguitos have created two flavors of an intriguing and delicious-looking protein bar, one of them themed around rich dark chocolate, Conguitos, and the other is sweet white chocolate. The bar has an incredibly interesting format, where you get a doughy base, a sweet caramel layer across the top, crunchy chopped chunks of peanuts, and all smothered in chocolate. It is those chunky peanuts sprinkled over the bar that make this rather interesting, as not only will they add an authentic peanut taste but also great consistency.

As delicious as Big and Conguitos’ protein bars look, they aren’t too bad in nutrition, packing 15g of protein, a little less than that usual 20g, alongside 10 to 12g of fat, 16 to 24g of carbohydrates, 2g or less of that sugar, and 201 to 248 calories. Those numbers vary based on the flavor, and as you can see, there is a distinct difference. It is the white chocolate Conguitos protein bar that has 16g of carbs and 201 calories, while the dark chocolate boosts to 248 calories, and they’re both available now in the brand’s home country of Spain.

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