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Cellucor includes six authentic flavor collaborations in its massive C4 revamp

Cellucor C4 X Hawaiian Punch And Popsicle

Cellucor’s complete rebrand of its C4 pre-workouts is more than a bit of a makeover, as it has made several changes on the inside of its various supplements, including an effort to increase the amount of active ingredients each formula has. The flavor department is another place the sports nutrition giant has placed emphasis, not in the sense that it has a good amount to choose from for all of the various C4s, which it does, but most of the products now come in creative and authentic flavor collaborations.

Those of you who are fans of seeing familiar and famous foods and treats turned into options for supplements, we’ve got the complete list you’ll be seeing hit shelves and there are quite a few. Firstly, there is the completely new partnership for Cellucor, where it has teamed up with the iconic beverage brand Hawaiian Punch for authentic Fruit Juicy Red flavors of C4 Original, C4 Sport, and the premium C4 Ultimate, and for the all-new Sport spin-off, there is a Hawaiian Punch Blue Typhoon C4 Sport Strength.

Cellucor is also continuing its collaboration with Popsicle from its series of flavors of the C4 Energy Drink, into its C4 pre-workouts, with an authentic Popsicle Hawaiian Pineapple C4 Sport Ripped and a smooth Popsicle or Creamsicle Orange Cream C4 Ultimate Shred. That is indeed an extensive list of authentic flavors to go with the massive rebrand of the C4 pre-workouts, where almost all of the revamped supplements have a collaboration on their menu, with the only exception being C4 Ultimate Strength.

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