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Chaos Crew makes a standalone shilajit supplement in untouched raw resin

Chaos Crew Shilajit

Fresh off the release of its liquid pump pre-workout Pump Juice, Chaos Crew has another innovation to share with the world, although this one is significantly simpler. For those that missed it, Pump Juice is well worth checking out, featuring a versatile combination of 3g of betaine, pink Himalayan salt, a full dose of Nitrosigine, and a huge 17g of glycerol, all for pumps and without stimulants. Following on from that is what we call a standalone supplement, where you get a product centered around one primary ingredient.

Shilajit is the latest out of Chaos Crew, and as per the title, it is a supplement dedicated to the commonly used testosterone-boosting component of the same name. The product comes in a unique raw resin, with a total volume of 50g in every bottle, so you can divide that however you please, whether that’s 50 servings at a gram each or 80 servings at 600mg as per the brand’s directions. The brand promotes many benefits of taking Shilajit all on its own, including cognitive support, vitality, and antioxidant fortification.

Chaos Crew’s Shilajit is available directly through its online store, and while it is on the pricey side for a simple standalone supplement at £29.99 (37.82 USD), do keep in mind you get plenty in every bottle, again 50g of straight shilajit resin, providing a lot more servings than the typical 30 days or one month’s supply.

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