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Bloodsports is getting its first actual flavor and it’s dropping at the Arnold Expo

Dragonfruit Raspberry Bloodsport

Early last year, hardcore brand Apollon Nutrition revamped its already impressive stimulant-free, pump-focused pre-workout Bloodsport. The newest iteration of the product saw Apollon add 25% more citrulline, bringing the total to 10g a serving, and the premium and proven VasoDrive doubled from 508mg up to an industry-first 1.016g. Since Bloodsport’s initial release, the product has only been available in an unflavored version; however, that’s about to change at this weekend’s Arnold Sports Festival.

Apollon Nutrition has announced that Bloodsport is about to get its first-ever flavor in Dragonfruit Raspberry. The all-new blend of dragonfruit and raspberry will launch exclusively on the brand’s website and at its booth at the Stack3d Pavillion this weekend at the 2024 edition of the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. It’s also worth noting that Apollon has made it clear that this flavored version of Bloodsport is a limited edition run, and once they’ve sold out, it will not return for at least six months or more.