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Doctor-formulated DripDrop introduces a sugar-free version featuring its signature electrolyte blend

Dripdrop Zero Sugar Electrolyte Powder

Hydration supplements have been popping up all over the show, whether that be from sports nutrition brands we’re all familiar with, like Ghost Hydration, Canteen from Redcon1, and Gorilla Mind’s stacked Gorilla Hydration, or competitors that specialize in the space like Liquid IV and the one we have the spotlight on here in DripDrop. The brand’s signature product doesn’t have a specific name; it’s essentially its only offering, so it’s referred to as DripDrop Electrolyte Powder, and it can be found in many mainstream locations like Walmart, CVS, and the online giant Amazon.

This month, DripDrop has launched something to expand its primary product and make it more appealing to those who prefer not to have absolutely any sugar in their hydration supplement. The original options of DripDrop Electrolyte Powder aren’t exactly carbohydrate-loaded; they do have a bit to them, though, at around 9g of carbohydrates per single-serving stick pack with 7g of that sugar. The all-new Zero Sugar Electrolyte Powder is not made with sugar or fructose and instead has the zero-calorie sweetener acesulfame potassium, resulting in a much lower 3g of carbs and no sugar.

Dripdrop Zero Sugar Electrolyte Powder Label

Outside of the lower carbohydrates and calories, and absolutely no sugar, DripDrop has put exactly the same electrolyte breakdown into Zero Sugar Electrolyte Powder as its sugary original. That includes the brand’s doctor-formulated 330mg of sodium, 185mg of potassium, and 39mg of magnesium, with vitamins and minerals also in the mix by way of 1.5mg of zinc, 70mg of the ever-reliable antioxidant vitamin C, and a few B vitamins.

The last couple of highlights of DripDrop’s Zero Sugar Electrolyte Powder is the price is exactly the same, and there is not an overly large drop in flavors, with four to choose from versus the standard edition’s six: Watermelon, Lemon Lime, Passion Fruit, and Peach. You can grab the more nutritionally-friendly spin-off of DripDrop’s Electrolyte Powder straight from its online store or Amazon, both having the same exact options in a bag of 32 stick packs at $35.99 in your choice of flavor, or if you want to sample the entire four-flavor family, there is a variety pack for the same price.