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Ekkovision decides against store chains and is making its energy drink TikTok-exclusive

Ekkovision Energy Exlusive To Tiktok Shop

Ekkovision has some more updates regarding its energy drink, which is promising to be an interesting one, but if you were hoping to be able to get your hands on it as conveniently as most other competitors, you might be disappointed. It was recently confirmed that the brand has four flavors for its canned and carbonated beverage, each of them themed around a specific athlete or ambassador, and by the sounds of things, the flavors will have their own formula, including a caffeine-free nootropic-driven experience in Joel Twinem’s Blue Raspberry.

The latest development surrounding the Ekkovision Energy Drink is that it is going to be exclusive, even more so than its various sports nutrition supplements, which are currently only available through its official online store at The young and fast-growing brand has decided that it will only sell the upcoming product through TikTok Shop, not its website, only through the social media platform, and while there is no word on the price yet, we imagine it’ll be right around other complex energy drinks from $2.50 up to $5 a can.

Ekkovision has said it was in talks with major retail chains but eventually decided against that route as well as not adding it to, and making it exclusively available through TikTok Shop. The beverage has been in the news a lot lately as the brand has been drip-feeding bits and pieces here and there; however, it is still a while away from becoming available. The Ekkovision Energy Drink is slated for the middle of April at the moment, precisely in the middle on the 15th of April, so it is still a month and a half away from arriving.

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