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One of Ekkovision’s energy drinks will be caffeineless and full of nootropics

Ekkovision Nootropic Energy Drink

As the weeks go by, Ekkovision edges closer and closer to entering the fast-paced world of energy drinks, and it is going to be an interesting entry, with the quickly successful company bringing its own unique approach to the space. The sports nutrition specialist recently revealed it’ll be theming each of its four upcoming beverages around its athletes and ambassadors, similar to what it does in its pre-workouts like Joel Twinem’s Optismal, Baxter Hosley’s Bax Shots or no Bax Shots 2.0, and Dylan O’Brien’s OB Mix.

Ekkovision has gone ahead and shared another interesting detail about its upcoming selection of energy drinks, in that they won’t all feature the same ingredients and dosages. The formula simply won’t be identical for each of the four athlete flavors, which are Joel Twinem’s Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Dylan O’Brien’s Orange Cream, and Baxter Hosley’s Strawberry Cream. Specifically, Joel’s creation is actually not really going to be an energy drink despite being carbonated and coming in a can.

Ekkovision and Joel Twinem’s signature Blue Raspberry-flavored energy drink will be caffeine-free, so it won’t have that energy component, but it is going to have a bunch of nootropics to enhance mental focus and cognition. Not only will it be great for those who want a beverage that’s better at supporting concentration than energy and focus, but it’s something you’ll be able to drink multiple times a day without worrying about crossing over with caffeine from a pre-workout or any other caffeine source.

It was already quite interesting that Ekkovision would be making energy drinks in partnership with its athletes and ambassadors, and that would play into their various flavors. Things are certainly being taken up a notch if it’s also putting alternating formulas into each of those, which, again, we now know is the case for Joel Twinem’s Blue Raspberry being one of the extremely rare carbonated drinks that enhances focus without energy.

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