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Danish beverage giant gets its sports drink game going in Faxe Kondi Pro Hydration

Faxe Kondi Pro Hydration

Faxe Kondi is a beverage giant available in many of the Scandinavian countries and is originally from Denmark. It popped up on our radar thanks to Faxe Kondi Booster, a widely available energy drink that does not disappoint in taste and continues to keep things exciting with creative flavors and extensions, the most recent of those being Pink Dragon. Like many others around the world, the company has taken notice of the rise in interest in the hydration space and put together its own competitor in Faxe Kondi Pro.

Faxe Kondi Pro, or more completely Faxe Kondi Pro Hydration, is an electrolyte-backed hydration beverage designed specifically to support hydration, performance, and recovery, as is the case with the many other recently released sports drinks. The brand has added a few vitamins and minerals to the product that appear to change from flavor to flavor, with the citrus-looking Original featuring added vitamin C, the intriguing Ice packing a blend of B vitamins, and Peach also having its own vitamin variety.

We’ve seen the world of hydration expand month after month over the last year or two, with established competitors innovating where they can and newcomers disrupting the category, like Prime Hydration, Inspired’s anti-aging Endless, and the performance-powering Ghost Hydration. Faxe Kondi is throwing its hat in the ring in a market where those beverages have not had as much of an impact, with Faxe Kondi Pro Hydration and its three flavors rolling in retailers, gyms, and online stores beginning next week.