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Ghost improves the already solid formula in its fat burner as well as the value

Ghost Burn V3

Ghost promised it would be reformulating and revamping some of its already available supplements this year, and we’re kicking all of that off with the introduction of the third version of its stimulant-backed fat burner Ghost Burn, which is technically Ghost Burn V3. The previous iteration of the product was one of our favorite, top-rated fat burners, and with everything looking as good as you could want for a new and improved sequel from formula to additional value, we don’t see that status changing.

The original lifestyle supplement company has made a few changes on the ingredient side of things, with many components remaining and staying the same, but there are some removals, additions, and increased amounts here and there. Alongside all of that, as mentioned, Ghost Burn has been given some extra value in its third version, where instead of getting 40 regular and 20 maximum servings a bottle, the brand has pushed that up 50% to 60 regular and 30 maximum, to get you through a full month.

The exact formula differences from Ghost Burn V2 to Ghost Burn V3 start with the loss of CaloriBurn grains of paradise and the absorption component BioPerine black pepper. The brand has then added a couple of worthy and even better replacements by way of the premium and proven MitoBurn baiba at half a gram in a maximum serving. Theobromine is now in the mix as well at 100mg and 130mg of the superior CapsiAtra dihydrocapsiate to enhance metabolism, thermogenesis, and weight loss.

Ghost Burn V3 Label

Everything else that was in its predecessor has been carried over to Ghost Burn V3, and that includes 300mg of caffeine, a full 600mg of the multi-benefit KSM-66 Ashwagandha, 100mg of NeuroFactor for increased focus, a gram of choline bitartrate, another focus supporter in tyrosine but twice the amount at a gram, and a solid 3g of carintine, half from acetyl-l-carnitine and half carnitine tartrate. Again, the servings have doubled for the third iteration of the Ghost fat burner, which makes the sequel that much more impressive as it clearly hasn’t watered down the dosages or formula because of it.

Ghost Burn V3 is officially making its debut next week, specifically on Wednesday of next week, and it is getting a somewhat global launch where it’ll be available in the brand’s primary market in the US and down under in Australia and New Zealand. The latest Ghost supplement, or reformulated supplement, is going live direct and in stores in two flavors, both refreshingly fruity in Guava Berry and a classic Kiwi Strawberry, and once again, you’ll get 50% more servings in this one with 30 maximum servings.