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Gluten-free alternatives up next for Gal Gadot and her better-for-you noodle company

Goodles Gluten Free Noodles

Goodles is the better-for-you noodle or pasta brand from Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot. The signature Goodles product is made with a clean and simple set of ingredients, offers higher protein than your typical pasta dish, and to pump things up functionally, it has several added nutrients to provide a full variety of vitamins and minerals. Goodles has grown to offer a large family of pasta recipes like Mover & Shaker, the classic Cheddy Mac, Hey Hey Elote, and it even has a plant-based option in Vegan is Believin’.

Up next for Gal Gadot and her gooder noodle company, Goodles, are gluten-free alternatives, where it’s taken one of its already available products and indeed made it gluten-free. On the way from the company is a Gluten Free Cheddy Mac, providing all of the great taste and experience of Cheddy Mac, but without gluten. The other spin-off the brand has put together is called Vegan Be Heroes, which is also essentially a Gluten Free Cheddy Mac, although unlike that first one, this is completely plant-based and vegan-friendly.

We’re not sure how close exactly all of the ingredients and details of Goodles’ Gluten Free Cheddy Mac and Vegan Be Heroes are to its current products, but it said they’re just as nutritious and delicious, so the goal is very much to offer the same sort of experience. The upcoming alternatives will be available shortly through the brand’s online store, and if you sign up to its email list, you’ll be notified as soon as they’re online for purchase.

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