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Levrone makes standalone ashwagandha tablets but with a low standardization

Levrone Signature Series Gold Ashwagandha

The creatine-based muscle-building supplement CREA Fusion is one of the most recent releases by Kevin Levrone’s extensive sports nutrition brand Levrone Signature Series, widely available in Europe, especially eastern Europe in the likes of Czechia and Poland. That’s not the only product the brand from the legendary bodybuilder has rolled out to market here in the first quarter of 2024; it’s also debuted Gold Ashwagandha, which is indeed a standalone ashwagandha supplement in compact tablet format.

Despite the name of Levrone Signature Series Gold Ashwagandha making it sound like it is a bit above your simple and straightforward ashwagandha offering, although this is very much a basic product. The other new supplement from the company comes with 300mg of ashwagandha in each of its 90 tablets, and it’s not any of the premium, high-quality ashwagandhas like the multi-studied KSM-66. Unlike that ingredient, Levrone’s ashwagandha is standardized to 1.5% withanolides, much lower than KSM-66’s 5%.

As mentioned, you do get 90 tablets in every bottle of Gold Ashwagandha from Levrone Signature Series, each at 300mg, working out to 30 servings at 900mg. Definitely keep that standardization in mind though, as withanolides is a crucial component of ashwagandha, and if you’re comparing Gold Ashwagandha to something with KSM-66, you’ll need to take about 2g to equal what you get out of KSM-66’s full 600mg.