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Kevin Levrone combines creatine and HMB in an extension for its Silver Line

Levrone Levrolegendary Crea Fusion

Kevin Levrone’s brand, Levrone Signature Series, has an incredibly extensive selection of sports nutrition supplements, mostly due to the fact that when it introduces a new series or collection, it does not replace those it already has available. Each of the lines the legendary bodybuilder’s brand has put out into the world over the years has been for a different audience or approach, from the Levrone Silver Line, Levrone Black Line, to the Levrone Gold Line, with the first one on that list being added to here in early 2024.

The latest from Kevin Levrone and Levrone Signature Series for its Levrone Silver Line is LevroLegendary CREA Fusion, a creatine-based muscle-building supplement that has a bit more than that tried and true ingredient. You do get the full dose of classic creatine monohydrate in every 11.5g serving to support muscle strength and size. Alongside that is the classic ZMA combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, and lastly, to further support strength and recovery, you get a solid 3g dose of the rather rare HMB.

Levrone Signature Series already has creatine competitors in the European market, which is where it is most present, with LevroLegendary CREA Fusion being a more advanced offering, clearly squeezing in a lot more than creatine to support its typical goal of enhancing strength, power, and performance. The brand has made the supplement flavored to stack with other powder formulas or taken by itself, and there are two tastes to choose from in Citrus Peach and Dragon Fruit in tubs of 30 complete servings.