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Like A Pro stacks its high-stimulant pre-workout with Dynamine, 400mg of caffeine and more

Like A Pro 9 Volt

Like A Pro Supplements is releasing its first-ever high-stimulant pre-workout 9 Volt later this month, and it gained a lot of excitement when it was initially announced. We were certainly intrigued to find out what kind of experience we would be getting, especially from a brand that has a significantly lower level of caffeine in its primary pre-workout, Pump + Focus. The full formula for Like A Pro 9 Volt has been revealed to close out the week, and it is indeed a potent blend of energy and focus ingredients.

The reputable team at Like A Pro Supplements does have a few components in its upcoming 9 Volt pre-workout that aren’t directly connected to the typical high-stimulant effect of intense energy and enhanced focus. That includes 6g of straight citrulline for pumps, 400mg of premium and proven PeakATP, and 500mg of RhodioPrime rhodiola. The ever-present AstraGin is in the mix as well at its usual effective dose of 50mg a serving to support absorption and elevate the overall efficacy of the combination.

Like A Pro 9 Volt Label

For the main goals of “explosive energy” and “high focus” in Like A Pro 9 Volt, as highlighted on the packaging of the product, you get an undoubtedly hard-hitting blend of components, including a heavy amount of caffeine. Driving the sensory side of the supplement is 100mg of the caffeineless stimulant Dynamine, a heavy 3g of tyrosine for focus, and a strong combined 400mg of caffeine from three separate sources, half from caffeine anhydrous, and 100mg each of Infinergy di-caffeine malate and zumXR.

Like A Pro Supplements has indeed crafted a pre-workout specifically built for energy and focus, and that is clearly reflected in the fully transparent facts panel of 9 Volt. It does have a few components for other benefits, but the core is there to increase and enhance energy and focus. We’ll definitely be taking this for a spin when we get the chance, which, from what we know, is in the coming weeks, as mentioned, Like A Pro 9 Volt is due to become available through the brand’s website in tubs of 30 servings at the end of the month.