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Upcoming 9 Volt to give fans of Like A Pro a harder-hitting pre-workout

Like A Pro 9 Volt Pre Workout

Like A Pro Supplements covers all of the usual sports nutrition categories, from protein powder to weight loss, and what is arguably the most competitive space out there in pre-workout. Notably the brand doesn’t compete with supremely high stimulants, as seen in its more comprehensive effort Pump + Focus, currently on its third version. The caffeine level in that specific product is 150mg, not anything near most other pre-workouts up around 300mg, although that won’t be the case in the upcoming Like A Pro 9 Volt.

A few details have been shared about Like A Pro Supplements but enough to give you an idea of the sort of performance it’s going to offer. 9 Volt is going to be a potent, intense, high-stimulant pre-workout, squeezing nine ingredients into a 16g serving size, the majority of those being included to enhance energy and focus. The product exclusviely says on the front of its label that it’s a “high energy preworkout”, giving fans a harder-hitting experience compared to Like A Pro’s other pre-workout competitors.

Like A Pro Supplements is known for putting together well-formulated and highly-effective products, some of its most impressive outings being the loaded premium pre-workout Behemoth and the recently reformulated pump powerhouse Outsized V3 with a huge 4g of NO3-T nitrates. With all of that in mind, we definitely look forward to seeing how Like A Pro 9 Volt turns out, and it’ll definitely fill a hole in the brand’s ever-expanding catalog, giving it something for those that specifically like high-stimulant pre-workouts.

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