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NATRL’s second supplement is going to be another versatile multi-benefit formula

Natrl Hydration

NATRL only recently got into the business of supplements, and with a rather intriguing effort; despite being described as a caffeinated nootropic, it definitely falls into a variety of different categories. The brand’s debut product, NATRL Energy, features ingredients for energy, focus, hydration, performance, and muscle building. Again, it’s an intriguing supplement including the promising and multi-benefit Senactiv, and shortly, it’s going to be joined by a second entry with another unique perspective, introducing NATRL Hydration.

The upcoming NATRL Hydration is indeed going to be backed by six essential electrolytes to support and improve hydration and performance, but like NATRL Energy, there is a bit more to it. While we haven’t seen the complete formula behind the brand’s second supplement, electrolytes have been confirmed as a key part as well as premium CognatiQ. The electrolytes are there to take care of the title benefit, and CognatiQ, at its full and effective 100mg a serving, is there to additionally support mental drive and cognition.

It seems to be a bit of a trend at NATRL to craft versatile and effective products that can be used in multiple scenarios, with NATRL Hydration working nicely as an intra-workout, something to start your day or power you through, or even add to your pre-workout for extra focus and performance. The brand certainly hasn’t been around long; however, it is making things interesting early on in its career, and its latest hybrid innovation, NATRL Hydration, is making its way to market in a few weeks, dropping early next month.