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Naughty Boy debuts a short and sweet fat burner in Shred OG that is just under £20

Naughty Boy Shred Og

Naughty Boy said it was going to bring a storm in 2024, and with a month down, it is well on its way to delivering on its promise of at least 100 different SKUs from January to December. We’ve seen several new supplements and their details come to light, including the KSM-66-backed No Stress and the nighttime products, Blackout and Sleep. Here today we have yet another completely new supplement by way of Shred OG, and with “Shred” in the title, it is very obviously a weight loss competitor coming in capsule format.

Naughty Boy Shred OG is your typical fat burner, bringing together ingredients to enhance metabolism and thermogenesis, reduce stress, improve appetite control, and increase energy, a common inclusion in this sort of supplement. There are six ingredients driving the experience in the latest from the UK-based company, with a solid dose of caffeine taking care of that energy effect, specifically caffeine anhydrous at a potent 400mg, alongside theobromine at 100mg in Shred OG’s maximum two capsule serving.

Naughty Boy Shred Og Label

Driving home the other effects of Naughty Boy’s well-rounded weight loss product in appetite control, metabolism, and stress reduction — all key contributors to effective weight loss — is 30mg of saffron, 350mg of ivy leaf, half a gram of the nigella sativa source, black cumin seed, and 1mg of chromium picolinate. It isn’t a lengthy list of ingredients, but it is more than enough to ensure Shred OG comes through on its goals, although that short formula does then lead to a cost-effective price tag.

Naughty Boy’s Shred OG is very much a strong value weight loss supplement, carrying a price tag much lower than your typical competitor in the fat burning category as well as many other sports nutrition spaces for that matter. An entire bottle of Shred OG comes at a cost of £19.99 (25.12 USD), directly through the brand’s online store, and that is for a complete month’s supply, where you can take two capsules at once for that hard-hitting 400mg of caffeine, or split it up to one capsule twice a day, dividing up the caffeine to 200mg a time.