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Naughty Boy combines KSM-66 and emodin for the sole purpose of reducing stress

Naughty Boy No Stress

Naughty Boy said it has plenty of action lined up for the year, and it is starting work on that right away, following its announcement and promise of at least 100 SKUs in 2024 with the launch of two nighttime supplements and yesterday’s unveiling of the health and wellness formula, Vital 6. Today, we have another completely new and upcoming product to share from the UK-based and two-time International Brand Of The Year winner, introducing Naughty Boy No Stress, and that is precisely what it has been designed to do.

Naughty Boy’s No Stress is a supplement designed to reduce and control stress and anxiety with the help of several premium and proven ingredients, including the rarely-seen emodin at a solid 500mg per serving. You won’t find too many brands and products with emodin, but it gets the job done, being extremely reliable and effective when it comes to cortisol control, and with that taken care of, you get improved weight management, muscle recovery, performance, and, of course, less stress, all from that one key ingredient.

Naughty Boy No Stress Label

To further the benefits and purpose of Naughty Boy No Stress, emodin and its half-gram dose in a two-capsule serving sits alongside 300mg of theanine, 30mg of saffron, and a full 600mg hit of the multi-study backed KSM-66 Ashwagandha, known for its ability to boost testosterone, improve performance, and in this situation, it’s relied on for its ability to support relaxation and clarity. Rounding out the combination is 40mg of black pepper, helping with uptake and absorption, which is crucial with emodin.

No Stress is a genuinely intriguing supplement from Naughty Boy, adding something to its lineup that it simply did not have before, or at least a product that is entirely dedicated to the purpose of reducing stress and anxiety, and controlling cortisol. Like the recently revealed Vital 6, Naughty Boy No Stress is due to be available in the very near future in bottles of 30 servings, and it puts the brand well on its way to hitting that promised and extremely exciting goal of rolling out 100 different items throughout the coming 12 months.

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