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Irish Whiskey Cream returning in four days with plenty of time until St. Patrick’s Day

Nutrabio 2024 Return Of Irish Whiskey Cream

We are precisely a month away from St. Patrick’s Day, taking place on Sunday the 17th of March, and it is usually around that time supplement companies get a bit creative and put out special edition flavors themed around the occasion. One of the more prominent names that do this is the reputable legacy brand NutraBio, which, back in the year of the pandemic, for the first time, launched a unique Irish Whiskey Cream flavor of its Classic Whey protein powder, featuring a flexing leprechaun on the front of its bottle.

Since then, NutraBio has brought back its limited edition Irish Whiskey Cream Classic Whey for St. Patrick’s Day many times, and for 2024, that will continue with the temporary taste returning in full force. Fans are being given plenty of time to get their hands on the product this time around, with a release date of four days from today on Wednesday, the 21st of this month. The St. Patrick’s edition extension will have its usual vanilla caramel taste, and it’ll have a fresh new design to go with NutraBio’s recently rolled-out rebrand.