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Panda and ‘Merica preview their promising collab which has an epic prize in every tub

Panda X Merica First Blood Pre Workout

Panda Supplements and ‘Merica Labz have taken the covers off their promising supplement collaboration, officially introducing the pre-workout First Blood. The brands are still keeping the contents of the product under wraps, not clearly showing any part of the facts panel, ingredients, or dosages, but as mentioned, with those involved, you know it’s going to be a stacked formula. We do have a few other details that are well worth sharing, including the launch of the supplement, which is only three days away on President’s Day.

Panda Supplements and ‘Merica Labz First Blood pre-workout is going to have a hefty serving size, with what looks to be about 29g each, leaving more than enough room for several ingredients and over-the-top dosages. It is right up there in size with the inter-brand collaboration Panda did last year, Sinister, in partnership with Black Magic Supply. All of that just further confirms First Blood will be a product to be on the lookout for, although the surprises don’t end there; in fact, every tub is going to have a special surprise inside.

On the front of Panda Supplements and ‘Merica Labz First Blood, pre-workout is a callout saying, “Epic Prize! Inside”, meaning there is some sort of surprise item or merchandise inside the container itself. We’ve seen this done only a handful of times over the years, and it adds a layer of fun to a product every time. Neither brand has said anything about what sort of prize fans are in for inside every bottle of First Blood, but knowing Panda Supplements and ‘Merica Labz, it’ll be something interesting and entertaining.