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Pump Sauce makes single-serving pump shot samples in its original liquid format

Pump Sauce Sample Packs

The one-supplement company Pump Sauce, maker of a truly pump powerhouse product in liquid format also named Pump Sauce, has put together something quite special for fans interested in trying its rather alternative competitor. As mentioned, Pump Sauce is a pump pre-workout that comes in flavored liquid format with multiple servings in a single bottle. The concept is you pour about 30ml from the supplement’s large 32oz bottle into your shaker or straight to the dome and reap the unforgettable pump benefits.

Being that Pump Sauce is a bulk liquid product, not a format you’ll see all that often in the world of sports nutrition, you would not expect to see a sample version unless it were something like a single-serving shot, which could be a spin-off and something all on its own like Pump Sauce Shot. Believe it or not that is actually what the growing newcomer has gone and produced with a way to sample Pump Sauce in all of its liquid glory but it is not bottled; the brand has made liquid sample packs that you simply tear and serve or drink.

As with any single-serving sample option from a supplement company, Pump Sauce’s all-new pouches are a great way to be introduced to the glycerol-powered pump pre-workout without investing in a full-size. The brand is immediately selling the sample packs of the versatile pump product through My Supps Club at a very reasonable $4.99 for four servings, two each of its Gummy Sharks and Watermelon Margarita flavors.