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Prime turns one of its most requested flavors into a reality for its signature sports drink

Strawberry Banana Prime Hydration Drink

Logan Paul and KSI’s beverage giant Prime has taken its most highly requested flavor and made it a reality for its signature sports drink, the Prime Hydration Drink. The latest taste creation from the company is a classic combination of two familiar, sweet, and smooth flavors that go incredibly well together. The product is a tasty-sounding Strawberry Banana Prime Hydration Drink, blending sweet strawberry and smooth banana with the beverage’s functional mix of vitamins, electrolytes, and BCAAs.

As mentioned, this is apparently the most requested flavor by fans of Prime, and it’s great to see the giant show its appreciation and give back to its supporters. The nutrition of the Strawberry Banana Prime Hydration Drink is similar to the product’s other options, with 5g of carbohydrates, a gram of that is sugar, and a reasonably low-calorie count of 25. According to Prime, the all-new Strawberry Banana flavor is already out and available in stores, so be on the lookout for it in coolers at your local retailer.