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The Rock’s pre-workout comes to GNC and it’s on sale at $33.75 each for two

Zoa Pre Workout Now In Gnc

The Rock’s previously energy drink-only company, ZOA, took on the world of supplements last year with its first-ever non-beverage offering in the ZOA Pre-Workout, produced in the traditional powder format and packing a pretty respectable formula. The sports nutrition brand fills the product with several reliable ingredients and effective dosages, 4g of straight citrulline for pumps, 400mg of alpha-GPC for enhanced mental focus, a gram of CON-CRET concentrated creatine HCl, and a moderate 200mg of natural caffeine.

ZOA launched the ZOA Pre-Workout at $44.99 for a tub of 25 maximum servings, which isn’t too bad with that formula, even more so with that amount of servings, as if you were to scale it down to the cost of a competitor packing 20 servings, it works out to $35.99. The Rock’s brand has continued to expand its pre-workout since its launch and has just found its way into the giant supplement retailer GNC, where you’ll pay that same $44.99, although, for a limited time, it is running a solid introductory sale, and we do mean solid.

Currently, over at GNC, if you grab two tubs of the ZOA Pre-Workout, it’s buy one get one half price, working out to $33.75 each. That offer is only available temporarily, so if you’ve been wanting to give The Rock’s pre-workout a try, now is the time, and it’s conveniently at GNC. Again, the value of the supplement on a 20-serving basis is worth knowing, as it makes for a good comparison since most competitors have that amount, and after that hefty discount, the 20-serving value comes out at $27.

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