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Code Red Series creatine gives 5% Nutrition fans 5g of creatine from three sources

5 Nutrition Code Red Creatine

Code Red Creatine is indeed the creatine competitor from 5% Nutrition and its more cost-effective Code Red Series of supplements. It goes alongside Code Red Pre and Code Red Amino, and while the goal of the collection is to offer value-type products, the brand still manages to mix things up in the creatine department. If you want to be as basic as possible, you usually get straightforward, unflavored creatine monohydrate, which is not the case here.

5% Nutrition’s Code Red Creatine takes a blend approach, where you get plenty of creatine per serving, the usual 5g, but it is not entirely from tried and true, creatine monohydrate. The supplement doesn’t have the one-of-a-kind variety found in Crea-TEN, neither does it rely on a single ingredient. It rolls together 4g of creatine monohydrate, so the classic is in there, plus half a gram each of dicreatine malate and creatine citrate to support strength and performance.

The cost of Code Red Creatine directly from 5% Nutrition is $24.99, similar to Code Red Pre and Code Red Amino, continuing that approach of a lower overall price point. Interestingly you only get 20 servings in a tub of the creatine product, not enough to get you through a full month when taking it once a day. In that respect, you do get to pay that small upfront cost, but the total value still puts 5% Nutrition’s Core Creatine in front at $36.99 for 60 servings.