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Bloodsport’s first actual flavor becomes available after making its debut at the Arnold Expo

Apollon Officially Launch Dragonfruit Raspberry Bloodsport

Apollon Nutrition brought something quite special and long-awaited to this year’s Arnold Expo at the hugely successful Arnold Sports Festival. For those that didn’t make it out or didn’t hear the news, the hardcore, two-time Brand Of The Year debuted the first-ever flavor for its packed-out, stimulant-free, pump pre-workout Bloodsport. The impressively effective supplement, with a hefty 3g of NO3-T nitrates, has only been available unflavored since its debut, but again, at the Arnold Expo, that all changed.

The first actual taste for Apollon Nutrition’s seamlessly stackable pump-specific pre-workout was a Dragonfruit Raspberry Bloodsport, smoothly blending the rarely alone dragonfruit taste and sweet raspberry. This week, the reliable supplement company dropped that exclusivity and officially launched the flavor outside of the Arnold Expo. Fans can now simply head to and purchase Dragonfruit Raspberry at $59.95 a tub, with retail partners also slated to begin carrying the product.