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Critical Oats gets a trial-size ten-serving bag in two familiar and two all-new flavors

Applied Medium Size Of Critical Oats

Applied Nutrition’s Critical Oats is a functional supplement that has been on the market for some time but in the form of a giant 3kg or 6.6lb tub of 50 servings at 60g a piece. Where the functional side comes in is it’s basically a giant jug of wholegrain oat flakes with added whey concentrate and isolate to raise the protein. Its subtitle is “Advanced Protein Porridge”, and that is very much the case with oatmeal or porridge when cooked, that is much higher in protein than usual.

If Applied Nutrition is anything, it’s constantly evolving and changing to suit the demands, needs, and trends of the industry, and this week it has done that again, releasing an alternative size of Critical Oats. Now available in the UK, alongside its original 3kg tub and its six flavors, as well as its single-serving pots and its two flavors, is a bag in a size that falls right in between with 600g or ten servings, and it comes in two of the flavors of the pots and tub, and two all-new tastes.

Applied Nutrition’s 600g of Critical Oats has all of the same key ingredients and an identical nutrition balance; then, on its menu, you get the familiar Chocolate and Golden Syrup, then the innovations, both of which have a bit more of a dessert touch to them in Cookies and Cream, and Salted Caramel. The medium size of Critical Oats is available from the brand’s online store at £14.95 (19.04 USD); it’s not as cost-effective as the 3kg, but it’s a better way to try the product.