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Arnold Sports Festival’s free Livestream attracted 3.2 million views

Arnold Stream

The organizers of the Arnold Sports Festival stepped up their health and fitness event in many ways this year, and there was one area that really made some noise, and that was the stream. For the first time in the prestigious bodybuilding contest’s history, it made the webcast of the Arnold Classic competition completely free. Fans of the show could simply log on to the website from any internet device at the time their event was on and watch it live without paying anything.

Again, this was a monumental move, bringing the sport of bodybuilding to anyone anywhere in the world with a strong and stable internet connection. There have been some reports of how well the free webcast was received and it was a tremendous success, reaching people in 190 different countries. In terms of numbers, the stream saw a total of 3.2 million views with a huge 140,000 individuals online at one time during the peak of the weekend, at an average watch of 44 minutes.

The Arnold Sports Festival did have a lot more than the events of the Arnold Classic in the livestream, including the exhilarating powerlifting action of the Animal Cage. All of the effort and the change in strategy seems to have paid off, especially with numbers like that. It will only play into levelling up the whole thing for the 2025 event, giving back to the fans even more and giving the Arnold Sports Festival proof and results to explore additional opportunities on its end.