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Blueberry Surge flavor on the way for the growing Oktane Energy Drink

Blueberry Surge Oktane Energy Drink

The colorful Oktane Energy Drink currently has two flavors on its menu, which is a reasonable amount considering how young the brand behind it is and how quickly it is growing both on the product development side and distribution. The team has gone and cooked up another taste for its signature beverage, and like the two that are already out there and available for purchase, the extension is fruit-themed, introducing a sweet blueberry-based experience in a Blueberry Surge Oktane Energy Drink.

Blueberry Surge will be the brand’s third-ever flavor of its debut energy drink, joining Orange Mango and Watermelon Kiwi, and like those previously released efforts, the refreshing recipe is a clean competitor with no sugar whatsoever, zero calories, and it’s free of artificial colors. For those not familiar with the beverage and what’s on the inside, the active ingredients driving the Oktane Energy Drink are B vitamins, coQ10, a few minerals, and, of course, caffeine at a relatively light dose by today’s standards of 100mg.

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