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Arnold deal hits CNP’s online store in a free bottle of sauce with a bag of cream of rice

Cnp Introductory Deal Cream Of Rice

CNP revealed and released its cream of rice competitor at this year’s UK Arnold Sports Festival over the weekend in Birmingham, and it got a lot of attention. The product is a basic and straightforward rice flour product for you to heat and serve for a reliable, quality, and clean source of carbohydrates. The eye-catching part of the nutrition supplement is that it comes in an impressive array of flavors, including Dough Lightful, Disco Biscuit, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Chocamel Cups, and Vanilla Custard Cream.

Fans of the legacy company CNP can now purchase its ingredient-titled Cream Of Rice directly through its online store, and it is giving everyone the chance to get in on the introductory offer it had at the Arnold Sports Festival. That deal was a 2kg bag of Cream Of Rice comes with a bottle of better-for-you, low-calorie Sweet Nothings sauce. That is live for a limited time at with a bag at £18.99 and once it’s in your cart, you’ll be prompted for your freebie in Chocolate Caramel or Butterscotch flavors.

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