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Conteh delivers as suspected with a nutritious Cream Of Rice in four delicious flavors

Conteh Sports Cream Of Rice

As suspected, based on its mostly covered teaser image, the reputable UK sports nutrition brand Conteh Sports, from the one and only Jack Conteh, has come out with a clean, nutritious, and delicious Cream Of Rice. This is a type of supplement you see plenty of in the UK as well as Europe, with a straightforward bag of cream of rice, typically flavored with tasty options. Conteh doesn’t stray from that simple approach, keeping its Cream Of Rice as basic as possible with its own take on flavors.

Jack Conteh and Conteh Sports Cream Of Rice is made with fine rice flour and flavoring, and with that obviously comes an impeccably clean nutrition profile. The key macronutrient here is carbohydrates, and you get 17g of that in every 25g serving, half a gram of fat, and 1.9g of protein for a total of 83 calories, and those numbers will vary across the product’s menu. You prepare it just like you would any other cream of rice by throwing it in the microwave or gradually mixing it with boiling water.

Conteh Sports Cream Of Rice does indeed have a great selection of flavors to choose from, and they all sound as delicious as each other with Salted Caramel, Biscoff-inspired Caramel Biscuit, White Chocolate Hazelnut, and, for chocolate lovers, Triple Chocolate. Better yet, the price tag on the nutritious product is not too bad either, sitting at £19.99 (25.24 USD) for a rather large 2kg bag for you to divide up however you want; say it’s 50g of carbohydrates per serving, you’d get about 27 servings.